Express & Postal Solutions

Need speed? Book Express, our express product. Your urgent shipment will reach its destination as quickly as possible, thanks to immediate boarding on the first available flight, the latest possible booking and acceptance procedures, and the shortest handling time.


Your benefits:
  • Optimisation of your supply chain
  • Last-minute access to capacity 
  • Flexibility & speed
  • Acceptance up to 90 minutes before departure
  • Door-to-door services available
  • Dedication & reliability
  • Five hundred highly skilled employees in warehouse handling and ramp transportation
  • Barcode management system & automatic sorting system for maximum reliability
  • Extensive worldwide network
Our services embrace more than 120 countries. And through our two dedicated express hubs in Paris and Amsterdam you can reach 125 express stations in Europe alone. Capacity is guaranteed to all destinations for shipments up to 300 kg. For heavier shipments (Express Heavy), we do all we can to get you on the first available flight out. So when time is money, Express is your best choice.

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Mail is the first ever commodity to have been airlifted. Your requirements are our priority. From your deferred product to your express mail, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo offer commercial, operational and IT solutions to meet your expectations.

Be sure your mail is in good hands…
  • Committing to your commercial requirements with our dedicated sales team
  • Committing to your quality requirements with our dedicated operational teams and our specific mail sorting facilities at Paris CDG and Amsterdam SPL hubs
  • Committing to your visibility requirements with our scan based EDI tracking
  • Committing to understand the needs of your industry with our active participation in the postal community platforms
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Postal Solutions Network

Via this tool you can find the mail schedule you are looking for! The tool automatically comes up with the best connections available. You can print the result. +1 and +2 means that your mail will arrive 1 or 2 days later calculated from the AMS or CDG hub.

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