Oil & Gas

Shipping upstream or downstream-related equipment is a fast and unpredictable business. We work closely together with forwarders, oil, drilling, and service and E&P companies. We think along with you every step of the way, adding value at each stage of your logistics flow. We offer you the largest airfreight network, connecting all major oil & gas sites worldwide, along with a broad range of specialised products and services.

With General with BIG, you can ship your extremely large, heavy or non-standard shipments, such as pipes, generators, pumps and other drilling or off-shore equipment. For fast delivery of your urgent shipments, we have Express. Economical basic airport-to-airport delivery is done with General, our basic general cargo product for all commodities. And for a non-standard, ultra-reliable solution, try Customized, our first-class, tailor-made logistics service.
In addition, we offer service to less accessible but major oil & gas destinations linked to our flights in the area.

Examples here include:
Port-Gentil (POG) via Libreville
Pointe Noire (PNR) bia Brazzaville

Please click on the links above to find out more about the oil & gas network options for each area.

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